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About the lab

The Lab, is an advanced sports science testing studio where you can undergo internationally recognised fitness tests and assessments, guided by our skilled sports scientists.

Designed to help athletes get a better understanding of their body, maximising individual potential, increasing performance and injury prevention. 

Whether you’re competing at the elite level hoping to seek a competitive edge, or simply striving to perform at your best, The Lab is accessible to everyone and here to assist you in achieving your goals.

Fitness Testing

Vo2 Max

Vo2 Max Test:

The Vo2 Max Test measures your body’s maximum oxygen consumption during intense exercise. It’s a gold standard for cardiovascular fitness assessment, helping you tailor your workouts for optimal endurance and performance. It can be used to accurately gauge training zones and measure the effectiveness of training interventions.

Lactate Test:

The Lactate Test evaluates your lactate threshold and helps pinpoint your training intensity zones, focusing on Threshold intensities. It’s an essential component for athletes seeking to improve their endurance & pacing strategies.

Sports Specific testing

We adapt our test to various sports to offer tailored assessment, prevention and performance results to guide personalised recommendations by comparing data to norms and baseline testing

Advanced Pathway testing

If you are trying to get to the elite level of your sport, there are physical and Psychomotor tests designed to assess your fitness, strength, power, measurement and agility. Be prepare and get the edge on your competition.

AXIT – force plate testing handheld dynamometer.

(Strength, Power, Endurance)

Force Plate Testing assesses your body’s mechanical force production in specific movements and how balanced the force production is across the body. It’s a valuable tool for athletes and rehabilitation programs, providing insights into performance optimization and injury prevention.

V02 Max
1hr $185

Lactate test
45 Mins $140

Axit Force plate & Dynamameter
30 Mins – 1hr $125

Resting Metabolic rate test
45Mins $50

Resting Metabolic Rate Test:

The Resting Metabolic Rate Test calculates the number of calories your body needs at rest. This data is crucial for crafting personalized nutrition and weight management plans.

  • $550
  • 4 hours

    • Consultation with a  Sports Sciencetist
    • Up to 4 tests – Including V02 Max, Force Plate Testing, Lactate Testing and Resting Metabolic Rate Test. 
    • Access to Spa, Compression Boots, Infrared Sauna and Ice bath. 
    • 1 x Review Consultation

Teams Testing

Fitness Lab Team Fitness and Injury screening. 

This high-performance program has been designed using science-based research and technology to assess different aspects of your team’s fitness. Providing a baseline assessment point, you can understand where your team’s strengths and weaknesses are and develop a physical conditioning and training program, that will ultimately maximise performance and reduce your chance of injury. You can also participate in comparison testing, to see how effective your training programs are and motivate your players.

Tests include:


Using the Axit system to measure strength, symmetry, power and movement of the legs. 


Podiatry assessment of your walking or running gait for variations that may be responsible for injury, plus footwear suitability. 


Measurement of reaction time and speed using a gate timing system. 


Measurement of balance and co-ordination using the SEMO test BASELINE 


Neurological screening – History, orientation, memory, recall & concentration. To be used for comparison during an on-field incident 


2km time trial tests elements of physical and psychological strength

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Elevate your game with Fitness Lab Private Coaching sessions!

Whether you’re aiming to outshine your competition, boost your fitness levels, gain a deeper understanding of your sport, or refine your skills, our private 1:1 or small group coaching sessions are designed for you.

The one hour-long sessions provide exclusive access to high-quality coaches focused on refining your skills and enhancing your gameplay with a personalised program. 

These sessions are designed for individuals aged 14 and above who understand physical literacy, and you can be rest assured that all Fitness Lab coaches undergo rigorous vetting, ensuring they hold the necessary coaching qualifications, working with Children checks, first aid certifications ensuring safety is our priority.

Private Coaching with our Specialised team

If you are a coach interested in being part of our affiliate program


Meet the Coaches.

Coming Soon

Conor Guinea

Skills and coaching focus 

Lachie comes to us from an extensive athletic and coaching background. Having competed with some of Australia’s best on the track in the decathlon for many years, Lachie now puts his focus to training the next generation of athletes. 

Having previously worked with elite basketball in Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan Lachie has also spent the last few years in the US collegiate sector with the Texas longhorns as well as working with players from the men’s and women’s football leagues here in Australia with teams like the Brisbane lions and Collingwood football club both in the gym and on field. 

A Geelong native originally, Lachie has recently returned home and won a flag with Leopold football club in the GFL prioritising speed training as a winning factor to their success on field. Lachie strongly believes that coaching in any realm doesn’t end with the training and aims to build strong relationships with his athletes in order to connect and get the most out of them. 

Lachie McPherson

Skills focus
  • Form and Technique: Posture, stride, foot strike.
  • Breathing: Diaphragmatic and rhythmic.
  • Pacing: Consistent speed, interval training.
  • Agility, Speed and endurance


Train like a Pro

Talk to us about our Ten- week-intensive high-performance programs designed to train like a professional and enable you to be the best you can be.

Program includes

  • Fitness Testing
  • Injury Assessment
  • Programming 3 x 4 week training blocks – sports Specific Skills and Craft, X training, Running
  • Coach review every 4 weeks and exit meeting
  • Recovery – Access to ice bath, compression boots, spa and sauna
  • Education – Sports Nutrition, Psychology, Recovery
  • Sports Pack
  • Training Diary
  • 7 Day Gym membership

$130 a week

Email for details