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At the Fitness Lab, we offer a wide range of exercise programs specifically tailored to produce the outcomes you need. Our programs are designed and run by our expert team of health professionals.

Treatment | Management

Exercise physiology

An Exercise Physiologist can help you treat and manage pain, injury, chronic disease and disability through exercise and lifestyle interventions. Find out how our team can help you today!

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Treatment | Prevention

Rehabilitation Programs

Injured? Exercise safely under the guidance of highly trained professionals to treat and prevent recurrence of your pain or injury.

Over 50’s

Active Adults

Engage in an exercise program that has been scientifically tailored to the over 50 body. This program will help you safely and effectively increase your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance., all the important things to keep you moving and feeling better.


Lower back pain management

If you have a problem with lower back pain, we can help. Exercise has been shown to reduce pain and increase quality of life in those living with back pain. Our scientifically backed program utilises the latest in evidence-based exercise as well as education programs and rehabilitation tools to help you overcome your back pain. You will receive your own individually tailored program to follow and an Exercise Physiologist by your side every step of the way.

Coping with

Cancer Program

Cancer treatment can be tough on the body and mind. Engaging in appropriate exercise and wellness programs can not only improve how well you manage treatment, but also how quickly you can recover and get back to enjoying life.



This program is designed to train clients with conditions ranging from acquired brain injuries and concussions, strokes, heart attacks, childhood obesity, Alzheimer’s, chronic arthritic conditions, and those prone to falls or balance issues. It is also suited for elite-level athletes wanting to improve their focus and reaction times.

joint programs


When it comes to osteoarthritis, exercise is medicine. Exercise has been proven to help reduce pain and stiffness, increase tolerance to load and improve your functionality. Join our OA group today to get you moving again.

Health & safety

Industrial athlete

Keep your employees safe and healthy. The injured worker not only has the difficulty of overcoming their injury but also overcoming the mental load that comes with navigating insurance claims, managing their employer’s expectations and the emotional toll that can often accompany a workplace injury or vehicle accident. The GSMC return-to-work specialist will work with The Fitness Lab to ensure their specific strength and conditioning program is undertaken and managed.

Fitness Lab

Ultimate Performance

Unlock your body’s potential with our Athlete Intensity Program. You will not only have full access to all gym facilities, but you can access your own personal team of experts, gain an understanding of your mechanics of movement, your VO2 Max, your nutrition, and your sports psychology. This program is designed for the serious athlete wanting to really take their training and fitness to the next level.

Join our

Run Squad

Whether you’re aiming to finesse your existing running program, want to feel safe running in a group, are training for a marathon or simply wanting a fun, social way to get fit – the GSMC Run Squad is the program for you. We offer different groups for different levels. Enquire today for more info!

Dealing with

Diabetes Program

Keep you blood sugar levels under control the natural way. Our diabetes program will help you manage your blood sugars through exercise, as well as nutrition advice and lifestyle management strategies.



The Fitness Lab are developing more health programs to help ease the burden on the regions’ health care system. Our programs will accommodate health conditions ranging from:

Cardiovascular disease
Mental health programs – particularly aimed at ex Department of Veteran Affairs clients and students requiring a facility that will motivate them both in the physical and mental aspects of their wellness.
National Disability Insurance Agency and NDIS clients

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